Having left the Royal Navy in 2014 our company founder, Stuart, was searching for a new vocation. Having worked at busy Fish and Chip shop prior to joining the service and with good quality fish frying in his family heritage Stuart wanted to approach the industry in an entrepreneurial manner and find some adventure in the provision of his delicious Fish and Chips.

Stuart found himself a Fish and Chip van and began visiting his local villages serving Fish and Chips to the local residents on a part time basis. Success soon came his way, as well as some rather difficult challenges finding his feet, with Stuart discovering his passion for frying. It soon came to the point when a more capable vehicle was needed (rather desperately) and so all hands were called to the pumps to commission a new vehicle from which to serve some of the best fish and chips around. Flipping and Frying then relaunched in late 2015 with our new van ‘Max’ in which we now specialise in serving the very best ‘Traditional’ Fish and Chips on wheels. Stuart’s partner Bridie recently joined him at the helm of the venture with whom he works tirelessly at making everything we do achieve the highest of standards.

You can always be guaranteed a friendly chat if you wish to enquire about our services!


Our Van Max

Our van really is at the cutting edge of mobile frying ability. We can serve over 100 Fish and Chips an hour from our comprehensively fitted out vehicle. We are 5 Star Hygiene rated on the ‘scores on the doors’ rating system. All our fish is sustainably sourced and we fry in one of the markets leading mobile fryers.

We can arrive at your venue be serving within no more than 30 minutes and, once you have all been suitably refreshed, close the hatch and vacate so that you may carry on the festivities without the hassle of any clearing up!

Everything about Max is well presented and has been purpose built to function superbly consistently whilst still presenting itself as an appealing place to eat! No expense has been spared so that we can give you the very best service we can from the very best pieces of equipment available.

Here is a little video about our story so far!